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Synchra Free-Standing Awning In Garden SettingFree-Standing Retractable Awnings Provide Shade Where Its Needed

A wide range of Markilux retractable awning products can be used in our exclusive Syncra free-standing awning configuration to provide sun and weather protection for large outdoor areas. Syncra free-standing awnings are perfect to add livable space in a large backyard area where no structure to support an awning is available.

The sturdy and attractive stand-alone steel frames support two independently operated folding-arm cassette awnings to cover a large area. The free-standing awnings and mechanisms retract safely into their stylish cassettes when not in use, and the Synchra is available with a wide range of our cassette awnings. The powder-coated awning stand includes a top profile in the same color as the awning cassette.

Multiple Configuration For Synchra Free-Standing Awnings



 Synchra Fix Shading Waterfront Patio Area

 Synchra Flex With Movable Kerbstones

The Synchra Fix is mounted on concrete footings via base plates. The Fix allows a width of over 23 feet and a projection of 13 feet on each side, for a total of 598 square feet of coverage. As many as three of these systems can be connected with the aid of a center support.

The Synchra Flex is not positioned permanently, but is weighted down with kerbstones at the installation location desired. This makes it ideal when the shade solution needs to be moved to meet your needs. The Flex allows for a total coverage area of 323 square feet per unit.

The Synchra free-standing awning is also available in an "Uno" configuration where a wall or roof mounted faceplate for a traditional awning is not wanted or not possible. The Synchra Uno provides the support for the awning that extends in only one direction. The Synchra Uno is avaiable in either Fix or Flex.


 Synchra Uno Fix

 Synchra Uno Flex

Synchra can also be configured in partnership with the Markilux 100 and 200 pergola awning. This configuration offers sun and weather protection over a large area supported by slender posts and using lateral guide tracks. This image below shows the Synchra partnered with the Markilux 100 and configured both standard and as an Uno installation.

Synchra Free Standing Awnings Partnered with 100 Pergola Awnings

Markilux Is The World's Gold Standard In Retractable Free-Standing Awnings

For decades, Markilux has been the technology and innovation leader for retractable awnings and awning fabrics. There are good reasons why fine homes and commercial building around the world turn to Markilux for their retractable awnings:

Markilux Syncra free-standing awnings offer extraordinary flexibility to create the exact outdoor living area desired. Optional accessories include extendable valances, integrated guttering, infrared heaters and lighting and sound systems.

Markilux Free Standing Awnings Specification Guides

Please click the link below to download the complete specification guides for Markilux Free Standing Awnings.

Markilux Syncra 2 Free-Standing Awnings Specification Guide Markilux Syncra 2 Free-Standing Awnings Specification Guide (6852 KB)

Markilux Syncra 2 Flex Free-Standing Awnings Specification Guide Markilux Syncra 2 Flex Free-Standing Awnings Specification Guide (2358 KB)

Markilux Pergola 110/210 with Syncra Fix Specification Guide Markilux Pergola 110/210 with Syncra Fix Specification Guide (4667 KB)

Our knowledgeable staff will help you select the most suitable awning cassette and fabric styles for your decor and performance requirements. For more information about any of our Markilux free-standing awnings, or for a complimentary quote, please call us at (650)685-6888 or send an email to>

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