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The 8000 Retractable Awning or Canopy For The Sunroom

With the Markilux 8000 retractable awning, you are now able to manage your shade solution over even very large sunroom or areas that need to be covered with a canopy. Markilux's renowned Quality German Engineering are what make this the awning with no limits. The 8000 awning is also ideal for large commercial installations such as restaurant outdoor patios.

Awning Design

The cassette profile, guide tracks and front profile complement one another perfectly, resulting in an elegant appearance down to the last detail. When retracted, the entire awning is fully-enclosed in the cassette for a discreet appearance and full protection from the elements. The brush seal in the cassette protects the cover from the ingress of dirt during retraction.

The front roller is an especially strong 95 mm tube with sealer swivel bearings to ensure the highest stability, even at the largest widths, as well as optimum winding characteristics for the awning cover. To avoid contact between the cover and the glass, one or two cover support tubes are supplied for large extensions. Two gas pistons working independently from one another keep an optimum cover tension at all times.


 Markilux 8000 Cassette & Rails

 Markilux 8000 Rails & Support Tube

Awning Dimensions

The Markilux 8000 retractable sunroom awning is custom-sized to your precise specifications. A single unit can cover up to 38 square yards of surface, with a maximum with of 21 feet and drop of 23 feet. Up to three units can be coupled together for an ideal shade solution for large areas.

Awning Drives & Operation

This sunroom or canopy awning comes with an electric motor and remote control motorized operation. It can also be equipped with Sensor-Controlled Automatic Operation for maximum efficiency and performance.

Awning Fabrics

There are over 200 Unique, High-Tech Awning Fabric selections for the Markilux 8000, including our exclusive Sunsilk Nano-Clean. Markilux produces awning fabrics ideally suited for sunrooms and canopies, such as Perfotex, Transilk, and Transolair. Our staff will help you select the ideal fabric for your decor and performance requirements.

The Markilux 8000 Sunroom and Conservatory Awning Specification Guides

Please click the link below to download the complete specification guide for the Markilux 8000 Sunroom and Conservatory Awning.

Markilux 8000 Canopy Specification Guide Markilux 8000 Canopy Specification Guide (2505 KB)

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